April Landscaping Checklist Pt. 2

Rochester LandscapingHopefully we have given you enough time to finish the first half of the April Landscaping Checklist, if not, you still have some time to finish. Here is the second half of April’s landscaping checklist. These tasks are more ongoing so it is more suitable for them to be towards the end of the month because they will continue into the summer. Check out these spring landscaping tips.

Rochester Spring Landscaping Tips

Check your blossoms from spring flowering bulbs and remove them them as soon as the flowers drop. This will put the energy into better blossoms for next spring. The foliage should remain until it starts to yellow.

Still working on that garden? Here are some tips for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant seedlings. All these plants require good light and cool temperatures or else you can get leggy growth and weak seedlings. Try putting the seedlings outside in a protected area during the day to harden-off the plants.

As your trees start to bud, spray them with  a dormant oil spray to protect the buds from pest and the weather.

If you have fruit trees, it is time to start setting up a fruit tree spray program. There are many ways you can do this yourself, just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended rates, frequency, and directions.

Earth Day is coming up on the 22nd of April so be sure to plant a tree or clean up your property to preserve its beauty.

Enjoy the last few weeks of April and contact us if you have any questions or need help planning your landscaping needs. Email Gary directly at [email protected] or call him at 585 872 2790.

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