April Landscaping Checklist

Rochester LandscapingSpring is officially underway and we want to make sure you have everything you need to make sure you and your landscape are ready for this summer. Naturally as the weather starts to warm up, the checklists get a little longer so we have broken up this month’s list into two weeks so you have time to check everything off. Here are the landscaping tips for the first half of April.

Rochester Landscaping Tips

We mentioned this last month, but if you have any houseplants that you want to transplant into your landscape, now is the time. To allow your plants to transition well from the move, get them in the ground soon so they can absorb the nutrients and other fertilizers that you will be spreading across your landscape.

If you are keeping your houseplants indoors to liven up your home and they are starting to look a little yellowish, add a well balanced fertilizer and some iron to the soil and it should turn your plant right around.

If you want a green lawn this summer, start applying pre-emergent crabgrass control before the Forsythia blossoms drop. This will also help your lawn fight off annoying invaders like weeds as well.

In honor or Arbor Day this month, plant a tree. They are beautiful in any landscape and bring a ton of benefits to your home.

Enjoy the warmer weather and start enjoying your landscape and think of ways that you can add beauty to your home, even if that just means maintaining your property. As always if you need any advice or help along the way, contact us at 585 872 2790 or you can leave Gary a message at [email protected].

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