June Landscaping Checklist

Rochester Landscaping Summer ChecklistJune is the month where we see our landscaping efforts from March and April take form in our properties. There is a lot to do this month to maintain your landscape and allow it to flourish through this Rochester summer. Let’s get started.


Summer Landscaping Checklist for Rochester

Its time to plant some more crops for your garden. If you are keeping a garden, June is the perfect time to plant squash, cucumbers, and melons. Make sure that you plant them in a sunny spot where the soil is actually warm enough to encourage health root growth.

Similarly to last month, June is an great time to lay down some pesticides and weed controllers. Consider applying fungicides to control black spot and mildew on roses and broadleaf weed control for your lawn. Make a schedule and alternate between weed killers and your fertilization, fertilizing first and then applying chemicals so you don’t help them grow back.

Remember to always prune your rose bushes. This will make way for strong cane and flower development as the summer progresses. You can use hand-held clippers or you can just pop and twist them off with your fingers. Be sure to use gloves so you don’t prick and stab your hands, something all of us have done at one point or another.

If you have indoor plants, consider moving them outside to a semi-shaded area where the winds are not too strong and where they will not get burnt out. Be sure to keep a watchful eye out for insects so you don’t bring in any unwanted visitors once you bring your plants back in.

Rochester Landscaping ContractorFinally, purchase or pull out your Japanese beetle traps BEFORE THE ADULT BEETLES EMERGE. It may seem a little early now, but the sooner you pull out your traps the better in order to  prevent swarms of beetles  overrunning your landscape in July and August.

We hope that you all have had a great spring so far here in Rochester and hope to hear from you this summer. If you need assistance or want to talk about ideas for your landscape, give us a call or email Gary directly at [email protected].

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