Landscaping is more than mowing lawns and planting trees

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This is just the cold hard truth. Yes mowing is a part of landscaping and caring for your plants is important, but if you are just planting trees and flowers in any random order, you are wasting the potential of your home. Landscaping involves lines, textures, colors, light, space, efficiency, pitch, water, durability, the list goes on, the point is, a lot needs to be taken into consideration when doing your landscaping. This is why you hire a professional but if you are a do-it-yourself-er, you may want to put some consideration into what you are planting or building. Take these 3 tips into consideration when thinking about landscaping.

1. Plan Out A Design. This is essential, especially if you are working with any sort of brick or wood in your landscape. You do not want to have too few/may materials while building and it also gives you a sense of proximity and value to your idea. A design is going to keep your thoughts organized and it will allow you to remember what you were thinking (if you are a forgetful person) at the beginning of the process. This may also help you create an estimate for how much you will need to spend for what you want.

2. Evaluate Your Property. determine where the “problem areas” are on your property. Is there a place that floods all the time? Does one area never get sun? Is there a certain area that nothing grows? work around these areas. Water is the single most dangerous enemy to your landscape. If your landscape is constantly submerged in water nothing will grow and everything will be washed away. But consider what you have to work with on your property and pick specific plants that can live in certain conditions.

3. Do It Right the First Time. There is nothing more annoying and discouraging than having to redo what you have just built. You may not be cutting bricks yourself to make a walk-way, but if there is a tedious pattern that a certain type of brick requires, do it! It will save you so much hassle from having to tear back up all of the work you have done to fix just one area. Same goes with plants. Plant them right the first time so you do not end up killing them and wasting money buying new ones. Check out Planting 101: The Belittled Essentials to Planting to truly perfect planting.

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