Make the Perfect Landscape for You!

Make the perfect landscapeA house isn’t a home until it reflects the owner’s personality inside and out. To create the perfect outdoor space for you and your family, there is much you must first consider. A landscape architect can guide you through the process, but there will still be decisions only you can make.


Know Your Surroundings

In particular, you should be familiar with the various types of hardscape materials your landscaper may suggest. Your decision will determine the aesthetics of the space, as well as the cost and upkeep of the installation.

Popular among many today is landscaping that blends in with its surroundings to appear naturally forming. Various types of natural stone are often used to create this effect. This material is very durable but quite labor intensive and costly.

Consider Your Choices

A viable alternative is concrete. This may not sound very appealing but trained professionals, such as Nature’s Accents, Inc., can work wonders with the material. Hardscape artisans are able to replicate the look and feel of natural stone using specially formulated concrete as their canvas. The material is durable, versatile and customizable, requires little maintenance, and is much less expensive than brick or stone. It can be used to create retaining walls, waterfalls and other water features, walkways, patios, fire pits, and more. The finished product is every bit as beautiful as natural stone.

Rochester Pool and PatioIf expediency and cost efficiency are your primary concerns, you might consider using preformed panels of concrete to construct much of your outdoor space. These panels are made to look like natural stone (boulders, fieldstone, granite, etc.) or wood, but eliminate much of the labor involved in on-site concrete hardscaping.

Preformed or custom, concrete offers countless options and unlimited design possibilities for creating a picture-perfect outdoor space of your very own. We hope to hear from you soon, in the meantime, check out our gallery to see all the different concrete projects we have completed over the years.

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