Is there a cookie cutter Landscape?

Rochester Landscaping

Every property is different and therefore the same landscape design cannot work for everyone. It all depends on the home, the location, the existing landscape and the personality of the homeowners. So with that being said, a landscape cannot be copied and moved to another home. No mater how much you love a landscape that someone has, you cannot have it. This is the beauty of Nature’s Accents designs. Look through the gallery and you will notice how every landscape is different from the previous and pertains to the home owners needs. The great thing about the landscaping industry is that everyone is always learning and trying new things.

The landscape community is constantly growing and trying new things. Maybe merge your decking with tiling or maybe start a water feature on your deck and have a legit waterfall in your back yard. There are so many things that can be done with a landscape and all you have to do is have an idea. But it is these ideas that help your house stand out among the crowd. Why would you want to have a cookie cutter design for a landscape? Have a landscape that brings the best aspects of many different landscapes into your home. If your landscaper only gives you a limited amount of materials to choose from and a limited field of expertise (maybe he can only lay bricks), you are missing out on so much.

Be willing to try something new. Landscape inside your home. Why not have a little waterfall in your foyer greeting you when you get home? Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask if something is possible. Stand out and don’t just settle for a nice ceramic boarder around your flower beds. Push the limits and be creative.

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