Planting your New Lawn

Caring for a new lawnHave you recently moved and now need to plant and care for a brand new lawn? We have you covered. It is crucial to get seeding, watering, and fertilizing right the first time or you will have a spotty lawn or have to redo the whole thing. Take a look at our step by step watering and fertilizing guide to give you a beautiful lawn.



Caring for a new lawn

Watering and Maintaining

1. The watering process should not begin until the hydroseed application is dry, typically 12-18 hours after application. This will allow the mix to adhere to the soil.

2. Begin watering with sprinklers. Watering should be thorough but not too excessive. When standing water/puddling begins to appear move sprinklers to new area. The amount of time this takes will vary due to soil types, slower for sandy soils, and quicker for clay soils. Allowing water to puddle excessively will break the seed to soil contact and cause poor germination.

3. The seed bed should maintain even moisture and not be allowed to dry out. This will inhibit germination.

4. Time of day for watering is not critical at this point. Maintaining even moisture is. Water as your schedule allows morning, afternoon, or evening.

5. As seed begins to germinate (typically 10-14 days) the duration that you water in one area can increase, and the frequency can decrease. Once the grass begins to fill in, deep and thorough watering will aid in lawn establishment.

6. You may begin mowing once the grass has reached a height of 2 ½” – 3”. You can have a look at top quality lawn mowers on Lawn Mowery. Do not cut off more than 1/3rd of the grass at any one time. Blow or break up any piles of clippings. Clippings can remain on the lawn to break down.

7. Weeds will be germinating along with the turfgrass, and typically will grow at a quicker rate. The weeds are germinating from embedded weed seed which is in the existing soil. The weeds will be growing in reaction to the increased watering and fertilization in them hydroseed mix. Initially no chemical control should be used. This will harm the newly germinated lawn seed. The first couple of mowings will help to reduce the weed growth and promote healthier turf.


4 weeks after hydroseeding apply a starter fertilizer, (18-24- 12 formula or similar) which has greater levels of phosphorus that will promote root growth.

Every 4-6 weeks after initial fertilization apply a balanced lawn fertilizer, (22-4- 8 formula or similar) One with weed control in the mix can be used at this time. Do not use any pre-emergent weed control as this will prevent lawn seed from germinating.

We hope this helps shine some light on the subject of starting a new lawn. Need help or starting a new lawn? Contact Gary at [email protected] to schedule a free on site consultation.


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