August Landscaping Checklist

Rochester Landscaping ChecklistAugust is underway and the heat is really kicking in making it ever so important to make sure you are up to date on your landscaping checklist. While there may not be a lot of large maintenance tasks, watering is crucial in August and may take up most of your landscaping time. Here are some things to be watching our for.

Stick to your watering and feeding Schedule

With the sun blaring over your landscape this month with very little rain, it doesn’t take long for plantsĀ  to dry out. Make sure you are watering plants daily, especially if they have just been planted!

Keeping an Eye on your lawn

At this point in the year, most lawns are starting to brown out unless you are constantly watering it and maintaining it. If your lawn is browning out, treat it delicately, mow it less, water it as much as possible, and apply only small amounts of fertilizer to ensure that you don’t burn out your lawn further.

Watch out for those pests

Make sure you are keeping an eye on your plants for pests. If you see dead or dying plants, remove them before they help spread diseases to other plants and possible your whole landscape.

Stop those Japanese Beetles

As you see them, apply control agents to kill and remove Japanese Beetles from your landscape. These guys spread quickly and if not addressed soon than later, they could infest your whole, landscape or more…

We hope that’s this month’s check list is able to help you care for and make your landscape look beautiful all year long. If you have any questions or would like to talk with Gary, email him at [email protected] or call him at 585 872 2950.




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